Response to Gavanas: “You want to be a good parent” (edited)

"Domesticating Masculinity and Masculinizing Domesticity in Contemporary U.S. Fatherhood Politics," is one of those articles that are just long and boring because all Gavanas is doing is spewing out facts on facts that does not exactly draw my interest into further reading. But once you start reading about the guy named Harry who is a real person in this collection of data but the name is just different.

"However, when the FRM urges men to get more involved with their kids, they also insist on making fatherhood into a man thing, asserting that dads shouldn’t be like moms but rather keep their pants on in the family and be real men." This statement grabbed my attention to say this, what happen to just being a "good parent" as the article also points out in an earlier paragraph. Why does fatherhood have to be labeled as a man thing when your responsibility once you have child is to be a good parent and take care of your son/daughter the best possible way you know how. The last time I checked women wore pants just like men, so does wearing pants make you a real man because if that’s the case I know plenty of women that are real men. When my mother wakes up in the morning and puts on her pants grabs the paint brush and starts painting my younger brothers room does this make her a real man? Or is it when my father sits around and watches the baseball game while my mother has to cook and makes sure my brother is doing his homework?

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