Wilkins: Wannabe, Goths & Christians (edited)

First off it’s helpful and important to note that the author Wilkins is a female as well as a single mother. I believe generally only a woman is more likely to want to be abstinent because she either wants to be “pure” or rather wait to be sexually active with a man that she is really into. this separates male and female in the sense that, a man is less likely to re-frame from temptation. Also a man is more likely to get ridiculed by his peers of masculine men that eat, sleep and breathe sex for not wanting to do what men are “supposed” to do, have sex. As stated in the article, “in the end, abstinence tightens the gender rules around heterosexuality, especially for women, as it is premised on the importance of sexual purity and on notions of essential differences between women and men that produce unequal heterosexual relationships in the long run” (122). In other words women want to take away the notion that they are just objects used for sexual gain among men so some choose to remove that stereotype by becoming abstinent. However this effects a woman’s future relationship with a man, according to Wilkins though I am unsure in what way. When I hear about abstinence I think about the christian idea that all men and women should be abstinent until marriage or at least until their ready for children. Is this an idea being practiced today among our society? this idea of abstinence goes beyond being just Christian, but is limited among people who are not Christian and believe in the idea of being “pure.” Some think that women have less sexual desire and urges then men, yet they fail to understand that women will be labeled as “sluts, whores etc.” if they present this desire. So instead they come up with the theory that they want to be abstinent to stop the labels.

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